What kind of message are we sending to our students if educators are told to lie?

The Real Singapore, 6 Nov 2013

TRS received a tip off from a local school teacher showing that the standard operating procedure when dealing with a hacked website is to announce “maintenance”.
This is a photo of an email announcement sent out by MOE to various school departments in response to the threats made by Anonymous.
The announcement states clearly that security measures are being increased in response to the targeting of Singapore websites by Anonymous.
It lays out the steps to take if the school’s website is hacked:
  1. Suspend the account as soon as possible.
  2. Put up a notification or announcement page to inform the visitors that the website is under maintenance.
  3. Please inform MOE ITB Comms (MOE_ITB_COMMS@moe.gov.sg) of the hacking by providing the URL link of the website that is compromisd.
  4. Backup the defaced website.
  5. Implementing security measures such as installing the latest patch and changing the administrator password to a stronger password, i.e., passwords with a conmbination of:….
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