VIDEO: Reckless caucasian cyclist gets slammed for dangerous riding and deliberately flaunting local traffic rules

Yahoo! News Singapore, 10 Oct 2013
It is frustrating that the video has no audio — viewers had to guess what was going on as they watch the male cyclist irritate the driver whose car video camera is recording the whole incident. In the incident which happened near VivoCity recently, the cyclist cruised into the middle of a traffic junction while the red light was still on.
The cyclist went on to annoy the driver by cycling slowly at the front, swerving from left to right, constantly looking back at the driver and showing a hand gesture as if asking for a fight.
When both road users finally turned right towards the shopping mall, both vehicles finally stopped and the cyclist was seen trying to confront the driver. The footage ends here.
The rule says that cyclists in Singapore are only allowed on the left side of the road unless they are overtaking another vehicle. Full story
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