SMRT sacks prominent blogging train driver Gintai after 18 years of service

"My FT Indian friend Manish had this to say, “… India maybe 3rd world country but it seems that Singapore is poorer than India in all respects now. If they can’t take care of a person who served 18 yrs loyally, then it’s curtain down for them where human values are concerned., 20 Oct 2013
After 18 long years of driving trains, I’m now told that I was not fit or competent to drive trains. I was terminated from my job end of last month. It’s now more than 3 weeks since I stopped reporting to work. In such a big organization, I was even deemed unfit for any other job. I was compensated with one month salary after I was told to leave.
For almost 18 years, I live, sleep and breath within the train system. I worked almost every day including off days unless I was on courses or on leave. I can’t even recall when was the last time I reported sick. I work with all kinds of odd hours with bizarre reporting timings and rotating shifts with rotating off days. Almost everyday, I had to remember my train timings, places (depots, stations and different platforms etc) to take the trains and worry about my train schedules. Full story

Blogger sacked from SMRT one year after meeting Minister Shanmugam

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Dr Janil Puthucheary, PAP MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, will pose a question to the Acting Manpower Minister in Parliament on Monday (21 Oct).
He will ask the Minister if there are plans to introduce a scheme to allow foreigners who have a good track record and sustained work experience in local SMEs to be retained as staff under a special pass with a longer duration. He says this is especially applicable to industries that face difficulty hiring Singaporean workers.
Another PAP MP, Ms Jessica Tan of East Coast GRC, will also be asking the Minister questions on Monday with regard to allowing companies to retain foreign workers. Full story
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