PAP Community Foundation website hacked over baby scalding incident - report

TR Emeritus, 17 Oct 2013
The website of PAP Community Foundation was hacked today (17 Oct).
On the hacked webpage of PCF (, the hacker said that he is angry to see “any form of child/animal abuse or mishandling”:
Greetings PCF,
I am The Messiah
It has come to my attention that an innocent 9 month old baby suffered second-degree burns while in the care of your PAP Community Foundation (PCF) infant care centre. Unfortunately for you, if there is one thing in this world that can piss me off to no degree…it has to be any form of child/animal abuse or mishandling.
The Messiah is very unhappy with you.
The hacker was referring to the incident on 2 Oct when a baby was badly scalded by the staff at the PCF’s Little Wings childcare centre in Jurong West. Full story

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