OPINION: In Singapore, construction sites are the ‘new sweatshops’

Littlemskaypoh.wordpress.com, 30 Sep 2013
In 2008-2009, I met with group after group of construction workers from China building our much-heralded casinos who were bound by contracts with illegal, unreasonable and contradictory terms. These contract terms denied the men overtime payments, rest days, annual leave and medical leave. Quite a few men also suffered workplace injuries which were unreported, and were sent to a doctor who gave them only two-day MCs regardless of the severity of their injuries – one had a portion of his index finger chopped off, and was left bleeding profusely for four hours because his supervisor said there was ‘no available car’. (Incidentally, I keep seeing ads of this notorious ‘two-day MC’ orthopedic surgeon popping up on my screen when I browse the Straits Times online.)  Full story
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