Wake Up Daft Sinkies, "Lunch Stealers" Don't Want Your Singapore Citizenship

Fuzzielemon.blogspot.sg, 24 Oct 2013
Was having dinner at the Chinese Restaurant,LUNG KING HEEN It had a great nite view to the harbor!
Then came a table of 8 Filipino seated next to us. Initially I wasn't paying much attention until they started talking loudly in a mixture of Tagalog and English.
They were talking about their IT work and about how they got their SG PR easily having only stayed in SG for 2 years. One guy was really LOUD, the one with semi bald head, and I commented to my husband that he was the Filipino version of a China man. So loud and crass. It was impossible to not hear him talk.
The really loud guy have been in SG since 2005 and you can actually hear the Singapore accent from his speech mixed with his Filipino accent. He asked one of his younger guy Filipino "So you converting to SG citizenship?"
You should see the "HORROR" look on the young guy's face and he replied immediately "NO NO! I am just PR, I dont want the citizenship." They said something in Tagalog and they all LAUGHED and the fren repeated the question as to why not?
The young chap replied "I'm only there for career and family." Full story

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