Fast-growing Filipino community in Singapore begins to exert political influence in PA grassroots organisation

Hardwarezone Forum, 13 Oct 2013

A reader sent in the above photo, which was found to be a notice posted on the notice board of Compassvale Villa RC some months ago.
The notice was written in Tagalog clearly targeting at Filipino residents living in the area. When translated, it actually said:
“We are looking for volunteers for our Filipino sub-committee. If you want to help and participate in community work, please contact us. Thank you very much.”
Apparently, there now exists a Filipino sub-committee inside a Residents’ Committee (RC), presumably to look after the interests of Filipino residents.
One wonders if there exists other sub-committees also like Myanmar sub-committee, PRC sub-committee, India sub-committee etc, to look after the interests of the other nationals living in the estate. Full story
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