"Working poor" in Singapore can't make ends meet: NUS survey

XIN MSN News, 25 Sep 2013
SINGAPORE: A new study has shown that the working poor in Singapore are not getting enough pay to make ends meet. "Working poor" is defined as someone earning less than half of the average monthly income of a Singaporean, which now stands at S$3,000.
Associate Professor Hui Weng Tat of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy said: "We do have a problem, because we do have a large number of households who are earning income in the lower end, not having enough to cover their household expenditure, especially at the lower 20 per cent.
"If you look at the household expenditure survey data, there has been an increasing gap between what they receive and what they spend."
The study released on Tuesday showed that 66.4 per cent of respondents said there are jobs available for aid recipients who want to work. However, 85 per cent said these jobs are not paying enough for them to support a family. Full story