Singapore continues push to become "global gold hub" by offering tax incentives and relax regulations to Thai gold traders

Resource Investor, 24 Sep 2013
The wealthy Asian city state of Singapore, which has become one of the world’s most important financial centers in recent years, continues its push toward making itself a global gold hub to rival New York and London.
Singapore has been trying to persuade Thailand's top five gold traders to establish footholds in the city-state as it aims to become a center for gold price referencing in Southeast Asia before the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) takes shape in 2015, according to the The Nation.
It reports that the Singaporean government dispatched a team to Thailand to offer relaxed regulations and tax incentives to traders who open offices in that country. It wants to become a reference center for global gold prices. Full story

Singapore beckons top Thai gold traders ahead of AEC - BusinessMirror
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