PAP govt added more foreigners into Singapore in the first six month of 2013

Wiki Temasek, 19 Sep 2013
In lieu with the 6.9 million population target, the PAP government have added in 27,000 foreign workers to replace Singaporeans. According to the latest statistics by the Ministry of Manpower [Source], the spike in foreign workers was led mostly by S-pass holders and work permit holders.
Traditionally, E-pass holders command a higher salary grade as they are considered talents holding positions of professionals, managers, engineers and executives. This year, the number of E-pass holders have dropped significantly because employers are not willing to pay $200 more for the new minimum E-pass salary of $3,000. Most E-pass holders drawing $2,800 under the previous foreign pass salary regime have instead downgraded to S-pass holders as a result. Full story

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