OPINION: Material Singapore got slap in the face

My Singapore News, 24 Sep 2013
The 5 day visit by Myanmar’s democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi ended yesterday with a confirmed slap slap on materialistic Singapore. Many Singaporeans must be squeezing to get up close with this lady from a Third World country, economically and materially, with a whole list of what Singapore can do for Myanmar. Come see this Singapore and that Singapore. Come see Orchard Road and Sentosa, Changi Airport, HDB flats…. We can build industrial parks for Myanmar, airports, sea ports, shopping centres, artificial gardens, artificial beaches and parks, and yes HDB flats. We can teach Myanmar, plenty of things, and plenty of things for Myanmar to learn from us.
Aung San Suu Kyi was more amused than anything. What is there to learn from Singapore except materialism, mad rush, rat race. She was quoted to say, ‘That made me think, what is work all about? What are human beings for? What are human lives for? The Singapore answer will be to work, work and work. Work is everything, work is pride and dignity. Full story