OPINION: The charade behind Channel News Asia's "Ask The PM" live forum programme

Singapore Notes, 25 Sep 2013
There is a "live" forum program that lives up to its name, and it's called "Talking Point." The pathetic facsimile organized by Channel NewsAsia (CNA) last night turned out to be a cosy fireside chat with moderators Sharon Tong and Walter Fernandez.
Lobbing softballs at the Prime Minister, both were obviously trying very hard to protect him from the "tough" queries emanating from the public. What was shown on the television screen were saccharine sweet tweets from obsequious sycophants, the grassroots type worshippers who would have sent mangoes to Michael Palmer.
The CNA website did have some real hard questions meant for Lee, but they took them down quickly - probably for fear of losing their jobs. Full story

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