Australian puppy farmers making thousands selling puppies to squalid pet shops in Singapore, 16 Sep 2013
Australian puppy farmers are making thousands of dollars selling dogs to pet shops in Singapore, where they are forced to live in squalor and confinement, a CLEO Magazine investigation has found.
Animal welfare group Oscar's Law recently travelled to Singapore to witness the shocking treatment of Australian puppies, some of which are just eight weeks old.
Singaporeans are told the puppies are from "top bloodlines in Australia". The dogs can sit in these cages for months, and if they aren't sold, they are eventually placed in Singaporean puppy factories where conditions, Ms Tranter says, are "simply atrocious".
"We caught glimpses inside these factories - wire floor cages stacked on top of one another where the sound of dogs is deafening - dogs spinning in circles as a cage, either in Australia or Singapore, is all they have ever known," she said. Full story