Singapore’s LGBT community decries national survey about ‘gay lifestyles’

LGBTQ Nation, 28 Aug 2013
Singapore’s LGBT community has decried a recent government-commissioned survey that suggests a plurality of Singaporeans are not accepting of “gay lifestyles,” and that a clear majority rejects same-sex marriage.
The survey, conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), indicated that 47 percent rejected the statement idea that society “accepts gay lifestyles,” while 26 percent said they were accepting, and 27 percent said they had no opinion for or against.
But the survey results were quickly dismissed by Singapore’s LGBT community, and activists claimed the survey and its language is misleading and biased, and mocked it on Twitter with the hashtag #gaylifestyle.
Pink Dot Singapore, an LGBT advocacy group, said the use of the term “gay lifestyle” was prejudiced and wrong. Full story
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