OPINION: Disingenuous of Tan Chuan-Jin to accuse others of running down Singapore - Ng E-Jay

Sgpolitics.net, 8 Aug 2013
In a stroke of utter disingenuity, Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said on Monday that Singaporeans who are not happy with the country should try to improve things instead of running down the country.
In his own words, “there may be things we are unhappy about, things can always be better, but that is very different from running down our own people, our own society“. This attitude coming from him is both adversarial and twisted.
It is an adversarial attitude because in one broad stroke, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin paints commentators and activists who have been trying to voice opinions and recommend changes as destructive. It must be remembered that his remarks come in the wake of a flurry of backlash by the government against bloggers and netizens in recent months. Full story
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