OPINION: A Different National Day This Year

Andrewlohhp.wordpress.com, 5 Aug 2013

It is 4 days to Singapore’s 48th National Day. Unlike other years, however, this year’s occasion seems to be different. There is a palpable sense of … disinterest among Singaporeans. A walk around the neighbourhood and observations made elsewhere around Singapore show that fewer households have put up the national flag this year. Of course, this does not mean that Singaporeans do not feel anything for the country – but it does raise the question of whether they indeed do.
It is a far cry from the earlier days when we all looked forward to a future which we all worked hard for. It was the promise of a “bright future”, where we could look forward to when we’re old, or as we grow older. But look at what our elderly folks have to do just to survive now – cleaning up after others at the coffeeshops, hawker centres, foodcourts, and having to compete with foreign labour too. Full story
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