More reported cases of women being molested in overcrowded public transport, many more incidents believed to have gone unreported

The Star Online, 18 Aug 2013
THE number of suspects arrested for outraging the modesty of women in Singapore has risen sharply this year, with many cases happening on public transport.
Figures collated from police news releases show that 46 men have been arrested since January in connection with at least 54 cases.
Twenty of the alleged offences took place on public buses or trains, or when the victims were near train stations or busstops.
There were 17 arrests for outrage of modesty during last year.
These figures, however, are just the tip of the iceberg.
For starters, the police do not publicise all arrest cases. Also, many reported cases remain unsolved. In fact, many more incidents go unreported, often because the victims do not want to come forward. Full story
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