Starhub Pay TV Customers To Pay More From Changes In Packages, 12 Jul 2013
With an offering of over 200 channels, StarHub will be streamlining its pay TV packages to simplify its proposition for customers with effect from 1 September 2013. This will be done by merging the Basic Groups and Basic Upsize groups to form the newly enhanced Basic Tier. Accordingly, Basic Tier will become the entry-level group for price plan subscriptions and will adopt the same pricing structure as the current Basic Groups with Basic Upsize.
"With our constant efforts in enhancing our content line-up, the majority of our customers have opted to add the Basic Upsize to their Basic Groups. Hence, instead of drawing a distinction between our Basic and Basic Upsize groups, we decided to consolidate the two groups to simplify our proposition for customers," said Ms Lin Shu Fen, Head of Home Solutions, StarHub.
Ms Lin elaborated, "We are aware that a minority of our customers will experience an adjustment in their subscription plan as a result of this exercise. Customers can rest assured that we have prepared alternative options to help them manage this transition and that we will be in touch with them." Full story