OPINION: Worrying trend of rising suicides - Seah Chiang Nee

The Star Online, 20 Jul 2013
ARE fast-paced, rich Singaporeans really the least emotional and most unhappy people on earth? No way, declares a state-controlled cable TV station.
For months, a cable station 34.5% owned by the government, Starhub, has been bombarding viewers with “Happy Everywhere” propaganda films to depict that despite rising stress, people are still smiling and dancing everywhere.
In its celluloid portrayal of life here, young and old Singaporeans of all races, particularly children, are prancing in the street from central Orchard Road to private estates, singing and hugging each other.
The merry-making propaganda obviously reflects the government’s concern about correcting an image of unhappy Singaporeans demoralised by over-crowding and stress in recent years.
Is it working?
Well, the result is not clear but the latest statistics are not encouraging. Full story