OPINION: Self-contradictions of the Singapore Government

Channelnewsasia Forum, 5 Jul 2013
1. They tell us our land is scarce and precious.... if that's so why use it to host 40% of our foreign population when Singaporeans have difficulty getting homes.
2. They say they want higher fertility but overcrowding is a main cause of low fertility
3. They say we need strict rules on speech and politics because Singaporeans will behave in a way that cause racial and religious tension ...but expect us to quickly accept and integrate to foreigners they bring in.
4. They told us bilingualism is important those who are weak at English or 2nd language will have limited educational opportunities many Singaporeans cannot go university because fail English last time... but they are willing to accept prc students who can't speak one line of proper English
5. For ordinary pple subsidy is bad... for elites be it free education through scholarship, $8 heart surgery, cushy jobs in GLC in the bar of meritocracy... no limit to benefits perks and state financed luxury.
6. For political leadership, competition is bad so. must make sure playing field is not level for opposition For ordinary Singaporeans competition is good, bring in more foreigners to compete against us.

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