OPINION: At 2 percent economic growth, PM Lee claims to have gotten both politics and economics right for Singapore

Yawmingbread.wordpress.com, 6 Jul 2013

There was something else in Lee’s statement about getting politics right that bothered me. It reminded me of this slip of the tongue during the 2006 general election when he told voters not to vote in opposition members of parliament. If they did, he would have to spend all his time thinking up ways to “fix” them and he’d have no time to govern, he told his crowd. Given this history, one cannot help but ask what Lee really means by “getting politics right”. Does he picture a scenario of the People’s Action Party reigning with little dissent inside and outside parliament? One where his government has complete freedom to implement whatever muddled-headed policies it chooses, beguiled by its own sense of inerrant wisdom? Full story

Lee: Singapore must get its politics right - Malaysia Star