Global internet giants collectively express concerns about MDA's new regime to censor the internet

Yahoo! News Singapore, 3 Jul 2013
A group of five multi-national Internet giants have expressed their collective concern over the recent Media Development Authority (MDA) individual class licensing regime for news websites.
Called the Asian Internet Coalition (AIC), the group — consisting of eBay, Facebook, Google, Salesforce and Yahoo! — wrote a letter to Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim in mid-June expressing their views on the new licensing framework, which so far affects a news site operated by Yahoo! Singapore.
"The (AIC) strongly believes in the potential of Internet-enabled communications to benefit society, the economy and citizens," the coalition's executive director John Ure wrote. "However, this new regulation — and the regulatory trend that this may be indicative of — could unintentionally hamper Singapore's ability to continue to drive innovation, develop key industries in the technology space and attract investment in this key sector." Full story
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