Why MOM failed to ensure stop-work orders are issued for construction workers when PSI reaches unhealthy levels?

The Online Citizen, 20 Jun 2013
Two days ago MOM released a press release urging employers to minimize work outdoors as PSI reached unhealthy levels.
MOM asked employers to carry out proper risk assessments and mitigation measures to safeguard the health of workers.
There were also a set of guidelines for employers to follow. For instance, employers have to implement “haze communication system between emplyer and employees” to ensure employees are regularly updated on the safety and health effects of the haze.
These guidelines seem to have been completely flouted. In fact, many of the workers I spoke to told me that the superiors who were in a decision making position were most likely sleeping.
While Singaporeans fret about whether to send their children to their air-conditioned schools in the morning and NSmen rightly take a break from outfield activities, why doesn’t anyone seem to care about those in our midst who are working the graveyard shift and operating heavy machinery in these smoggy conditions?
Is the health and safety of a construction worker less important than ours. Full story

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