The Online Citizen speaks to hawkers at Blk 538 Bedok food centre about the cleaning dispute

The Online Citizen, 14 Jun 2013
Speaking to one of the stall owners who does not wish to be named, he said that it is common practice that the hawkers will provide the cover/scaffolding for the cover while the town council does all that is required to have the hawker centre cleaned. He complained about the town council not cleaning up the ceiling and exhaust pipes despite closing down for 5 whole days.
He commented that it is disappointing that there had been more reporters dropping down to ask what the situation than the MPs from Workers’ Party dropping down to check on them. According to him, none has dropped down to speak with the hawkers yet. He also said that has been only one person from the town council who dropped down to ask about the issues surrounding the cleaning of the hawker centre.
Perhaps the MP as assumed to carry on the practice from last year? Not so, according to another hawker who operates the minced pork noodle stall in the hawker centre. He revealed that because the hawker centre has just been upgraded and reopened in March 2011, there was no major spring-cleaning conducted last year. This somewhat contradicts AHPETC’s account about the cleaning works that was done to the ceilings, beams and exhaust pipe last year. Full story

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