OPINION: "What on earth is happening to Singapore?"

Malaysia Star, 22 Jun 2013
Woes aplenty as Singapore struggles to handle problems relating to the haze, dengue and even train failures.
There are times when Singaporeans would feel themselves lucky for avoiding typhoons, earthquakes, floods, or the feared tsunamis – the bane of South-East Asia.
Last week wasn’t such an occasion. In recent days, some of the optimism dissipated with many inhabitants asking themselves: “What on earth is happening to Singapore?”
At the same time, Singapore is bracing itself for the worst dengue epidemic as the number of infections this year has exceeded the total for the whole of last year.
The biggest emergency is the threatening smog.
The next major threat is a dengue epidemic, which has already claimed two lives and some 10,000 patients.
As Singapore was covered by the strong acrid smell of fog, some transit stations on the North-East line were disrupted for two hours.Full story
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