Singapore among several well-known tax havens circling Cyprus' wounded banking sector

The New York Times, 31 Mar 2013
With a flood of emails and phone calls in recent days to lawyers and accountants here who make a living from helping wealthy Russians and others avoid taxes, competitors in alternative financial centers across Europe and beyond are promoting their own skills at keeping money hidden and safe.
"We are aware of the economic problems facing Cyprus at the moment," read one such message, from a law firm in Malta, a fellow member of the eurozone.
"We would like to propose an avenue of action for your consideration: offering corporate relocation to Malta," continued the business pitch, trumpeting Malta's low taxes and "flexible yet robust regime" for financial services.
Similar unsolicited offers have originated in well-known havens like Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands, as well as in a host of other locations, including Dubai and Singapore. Full story