OPINION: 5 landed properties you could get for the price of a 5-room HDB flat

Yahoo! News Singapore, 4 Apr 2013
The average cost of a BTO, five room flat ranges from $310,000 to $380,000.
Most of that price difference is based on location (higher in mature estates, cheaper in non-mature estates). Common floor sizes are up to 112 square meters, with these features.
But let’s look at what the same amount of money could buy you, somewhere else:
1. A One Acre Home in Arizona, USA
This house in Arizona has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms (I have no idea, that’s what the brochure says), and it’s about 268.6 square meters. That size refers to the house itself, not the whole land plot.
There’s even a den, separate from the house. It’s big enough to be a fifth bedroom. It might also explain why, if you get murdered in Arizona, your corpse won’t be found for months .
The asking price? About SGD $356,500.
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