Filipina travel agent aims to build a 'micro business empire' in Singapore

ABS-CBN News, 28 Mar 2013
Maria Mercedes Ogot, or simply Cez as she is more fondly known, seems bent on building a "micro business empire" that got its "formal birth" at a single rented table.
Together with her husband of 16 years, Alfredo, Cez ventured into business in 1997 selling arts and crafts, like personalized greeting cards and stickers, that she made at home. Before long, she was conducting business in what was formerly known as Gulong Park on Sundays.
In 2004, afters years of hawking their product in various locations, Cez and Alfredo earned enough capital to rent a table in a shop in Lucky Plaza. Two years later, they finally opened their own place in the favoured Filipino hub. Cez Services was finally born. Composed of three business units -- Cez Studio (photography services), Cez Travel Services (ticket booking) and Cez Employment Services -- Cez and Alfredo run everything full-time in their shop. Full story

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