Singapore government reminds women to have babies ASAP via obnoxious fairytales, 22 Mar 2013

The Singaporean government has begun a campaign to encourage women to procreate while reminding them that their biological clocks are always ticking. With birth rates low for the country, the government decided to circulate information and tell its 21- to 30-year-old population to get on the baby train, even sponsoring speed dating events and handing out fliers on how to flirt.
Naturally, they couldn’t educate women about reproduction by, say, giving them proper information and allowing them to decide for themselves what to do with that knowledge. No, women are obviously complete morons, so they get — ready for it — fairytales. Nursery rhymes and fairytales for adult women about why they need to have a baby or seven. Full story

Singapore uses 'modern fairytales' to warn women of declining fertility - The Guardian