Singapore Foreign Ministry talks tough after US senator push to block funding to Singapore's IME over American engineer's death

Bloomberg, 18 Mar 2013
Singapore said it’s disappointed by a plan by two U.S. senators to block funding to a research institute until the Federal Bureau of Investigation gets full access in the probe of American Shane Todd’s death.
Max Baucus and Jon Tester, both Montana Democrats, on March 14 introduced an amendment to stop contracts, loans and other funds from going to Singapore’s Institute of Microelectronics, where Todd had worked. Todd’s death in June may be tied to one of the institute’s projects and possible technology transfers to China, his father Rick Todd has said.
“The issue of applying ‘pressure’ should not arise between countries, which have had a long, open and cooperative relationship with each other based on mutual respect,” Singapore’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement yesterday. “We are deeply disappointed by the senators’ actions and statements,” according to the e-mailed statement. Full story