Dr Ng Eng Hen is surprised that Singaporean youths are bringing up serious issues at Singapore Conversation session

Comment: Dr Ng, bread-and-butter issues are no laughing matter!

Hardwarezone Forum, 17 Mar 2013
Bread-and-butter issues such as competition for jobs, housing costs and maternity leave were the main focus of an Our Singapore Conversation session held yesterday.
This would not have been unusual - except that the forum was held for youth.
Toh Qin Ying, 17, told The Sunday Times that she started being concerned about these "adult" issues after being exposed to them through the media.
"I was watching the news and heard that housing prices are soaring. It's quite scary," the Anderson Junior College student said. "We have to be mature at this age. We're stepping into our 20s soon, (we) cannot still think like primary school kids."
Asked if he was surprised that the young crowd was bringing up such mature issues, Dr Ng laughed.
"I guess Singaporeans are very serious, or maybe just this crowd is very serious, I don't know." Full story