Compensation woes driving Singaporeans to seek new opportunities

The Malaysian Insider, 28 Mar 2013
SINGAPORE, March 28 — One in two (56 per cent) of employees in Singapore are planning to leave their jobs within the next two years, citing unsatisfactory compensation, according to the Randstad Award 2013 survey.
The survey of 4500 employees in Singapore found that the figure rises even higher among those aged 18 to 34.
Randstad Director for Singapore, Michael Smith, says it also reflects rising confidence among employees about the country’s economic strength.
He said people are feeling they have helped their companies through a few tough years. For many, this was at the same time that salaries were frozen and bonuses were lower.
“Now that the outlook is more positive and many business are in a position to loosen their purse strings, employees are demanding their hard work be recognised, and if it isn’t, they’ll vote with their feet,” he added. Full story