US engineer Shane Todd's death linked to gallium nitride research for Singapore's Institute of Microelectronics and China's Huawei - report, 18 Feb 2013
A report Friday by Financial Times (FT) said Todd had headed a research team at IME which focused on the development of gallium nitride, a substance which can be used in both commercial and military applications ranging from light-emitting displays and cellular phone base stations to radar and satellite communications.
IME is a research institute under lcoal statutory board, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star). It was founded in 1991 to help enhance the value-add of Singapore's microelectronics industry by undertaking core research and development (R&D) in microelectronics, supporting the industry's R&D needs, and developing skilled research personnel, according to IME's Web site.
However, from early-2012, Todd reportedly told his family based in the United States he was worried his research work on a project at IME, which involved a Chinese company, was compromising U.S. national security. Todd's family later found an external hard drive in his Singapore apartment after his death, and it contained work files including one labeled "Huawei" which the FT report said appeared to be a plan for a joint project between IME and Huawei Technologies for the development of GaN. Full story

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