India may drag Singapore to WTO for restricting inflow of Indian PMETs

Questions: 1) Did our Singapore Govt signed an agreement with India to allow unrestricted inflow of Indian PMETs to take up jobs here?  2) Is this threat the main reason why the Govt had hastily pushed the Population White Paper through Parliament?

Business Standard, 17 Feb 2013
Those of you planning to make it big in Singapore might be in for a setback. Singapore recently made certain changes to its Employment Pass Framework law to reduce inflow of foreign workers significantly to create more job opportunities for local professionals. The move is expected to impact even those Indians working there at present across various sectors.
The step has irked India as the new law does not give India a preferential treatment incorporated in the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CECA) between the two countries, operational since 2005. This stance by the Singapore Government is expected to affect Indians working as middle-level managers, executives and technicians.
Speculations are rife that India might take up the issue with World Trade Organization’s (WTO) dispute settlement body. However, according to Singapore such a decision was imperative in the interest of the natives as the share of the foreign workforce is rising very rapidly. Full story