Singapore has been reluctant to cooperate with Italian police investigating international match-fixing kingpin Dan Tan - report

New York Times, 13 Feb 2013
In a region that struggles with corruption and poverty, Singapore is envied as a prosperous and neatly manicured country with very low crime rates and a reputation for efficiency and the rule of law. But European police forces say that an underground network of Singaporeans sought to fix the outcome of soccer matches on at least three continents — and reap millions of dollars in profits from bets they placed on the outcomes.
In December 2011, the Italian police wanted to go to Singapore and arrest Mr. Tan, but they struggled to gain entry.
“As far as I know, there has not been much cooperation in Singapore,” Mr. Di Martino said. “The local attitude has been quite hostile. I understand that gambling is an economic activity, but I wish they could at least start investigating on these Singaporeans involved in the international syndicate."
“To give you an example, they never told us whether he has a criminal record or he is a well-respected person. As far as I am aware, he could be either/or.” Full story