PAP MP Sim Ann: "Not easy" to help retirees, homemakers rejoin the workforce

Yahoo! News Singapore, 8 Feb 2013
SINGAPORE: Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Communications and Information, Ms Sim Ann, took issue with the Workers’ Party’s proposal whereby she questioned which groups of Singaporeans will have to step in to make up the shortfall.
Speaking in Mandarin in Parliament on Thursday, she said the circumstances of these groups may not allow them to enter the workforce so easily.
She said: "If we were to go with what the Workers’ Party had proposed, let us now fix the situation as it is today and turn off the foreign manpower tap, and just tap on the local manpower, what are the groups of people that we can tap on?
"Well, first of all, we have the retirees, we have also the homemakers who take care of the elderly and the young children at home. How do we attract them back into the workforce? This is indeed an issue that we have to tackle. Full story

What is PAP MP Sim Ann trying to insinuate with her "joke" on Facebook?