OPINION: Mystery over US engineer's death deepens as family claims he was murdered in Singapore

Dailymail.co.uk, 18 Feb 2013
A February 15 piece published in the Financial Times magazine tells of how Mr Todd’s parents, Mary and Rick Todd, traveled from Montana to Singapore days after their son’s death on June 23, 2012.
Mrs Todd told the magazine in no uncertain terms: ‘We think our son was murdered.’
His parents have said he was murdered because of his involvement in the project, which they say involved exporting sensitive military technology to China.
The family told the FT that they discovered several things awry at Dr Todd’s Colonial-era apartment.
Piles of laundry were neatly folded and ready to be packed in suitcases, packed moving boxes littered the apartment, and his plane ticket back to the States was sitting on his dining room table. Full story