OPINION: The Hurt of Militarized Authoritarianism in Singapore, Afghanistan and the World - Dr Wee Teck Young

Truth-out.org, 13 Feb 2013
Singapore’s own identity as a militarized, authoritarian country
What kind of identity do Singaporeans wish for their country, a peaceful and friendly country or otherwise?
Again, I’m concerned. We like pictures of be-medaled soldiers more than unsung ‘Mother Teresa’ heroines. Our government has a significant number of ex-military commanders.
According to the Global Militarisation Index released by the Bonn International Centre for Conversion (BICC), Singapore has been the second most militarized nation in the world for years. The latest ranking puts Singapore just second to Israel and one brutal position more militarized than Syria.
What also worries me is that this militarized mindset may be behind Singapore’s enthusiasm in the drone show-business, and in ‘unintentionally’ being part of the U.S.’ ‘Asia pivot’ by hosting four U.S. littoral combat ships. Full story