OPINION: Khaw's doublespeak on HDB pricing

Singapore Notes, 7 Feb 2013
About a week ago on 31 Jan, Khaw "made clear" that he has de-linked the prices of new flats sold by HDB from the resale flat market. He claimed to have done this ever since he took over the housing portfolio in 20011 from Mah Bow Tan, the public enemy one who aligned public housing pricing to market value.
At least one member was not asleep when Khaw went into the standard spiel about "substantial price discount", "housing grants", and "affordability" during the Parliament session of Tuesday 4th February . MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah was like, excusez-moi, "If I heard correctly just now, minister mentioned that the resale price of the flats in the vicinity is taken into consideration. I thought recently minister mentioned the price of new BTO flat has just been de-linked from the resale price?" Khaw's response has to be classic text book doublespeak:

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