PAP Mayor Amy Khor says WP proposal on White Paper will hurt businesses

Hardwarezone Forum, 5 Feb 2013
The WP's idea to sharply cut workforce growth to 0.5 per cent a year from 3.3 per cent per annum over the past three decades would "exact punishing cost" on local businesses and some multi-national corporations, she said on Tuesday, in a sharply-worded response to WP chairman Sylvia Lim.
"Under this scenario, many companies are likely to fold or move out of Singapore whilst others will not be attracted to set up shop here resulting in fewer jobs for Singaporeans," said Dr Khor.
Asking whether the fact that she was not born in Singapore made her any less Singaporean, Dr Khor said: "It is unhelpful and unfair to distinguish between local born Singaporeans and new citizens and cast doubts on the loyalty of the latter. Full story