Tan Chuan-Jin's lawyer letter to Wijeysingha proves he doesn't know what is going on in his ministry

XIN MSN News, 5 Jan 2013
SINGAPORE: Opposition politician Dr Vincent Wijeysingha has apologised to Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan—Jin for comments deemed as defamatory about him in an article on the illegal strike by SMRT bus drivers from China.
The article, "’You can resign and go to SBS,’ the drivers were told", was posted on his own Facebook page on December 2 last year.
On Saturday, Dr Wijeysingha posted a letter of apology on his Facebook page, saying he had made allegations which are "wholly untrue and false".
He said he had alleged that the minister was either dishonest or deceptive when he said he was not aware of the particular complaint by the Chinese bus drivers which led to the strike. Full story