PR sent son away to avoid NS, worries about renewal of re-entry permit

Question: Aren't sons of PRs required to serve National Service? Why is the son given long term visit pass (LVP) after he had surrendered his PR without doing his NS?

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Author: Krishnaa Mohan, 13 Dec 2012
I would like the opinion or real life cases regarding the renewal of Re Entry Permit for those PRS who surrender the PR of their sons just before enlistment to avoid National Service. This is for my friend. The details of the case are as under.
The friend, his spouse, son and daughter are PRS in Singapore since 1998. He came to Singapore when his son was 4 years old. The daughter was born here. The son had his education in Singapore local schools and finished his A level in NUS High School. He is a brilliant student and wanted to continue his higher education in Canada. He was registered for NS and his enlistment was to be in Mar 2012. In Feb 12, he surrendered his PR and he was given a LVP after a lot of rejections. The boy left in Aug 12 for his higher education. My friend’s REP is due for renewal in July 2013. My friend is owning a resale HDB Flat since 2001. His daughter is continuing her education here in Set 1.
My friend is worried about his renewal of REP in July 2013. Can anyone in this forum enlighten about the chances of renewal of REP of my friend under the above circumstances?     Link
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