OPINION: Singapore should not use Delhi gang-rape case for a bout of nationwide fist pumping - Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh

Yahoo! News Singapore, 31 Dec 2012
Perhaps the most damning statistic is the fact that the rate of rape in Singapore is more than double than in India.
In 2009, Singapore had 202 reported cases; India had 21,397. For every 100,000 people, that translates into more than 4 rape cases in Singapore; but only 1.8 in India.
Perhaps there is less reporting of rape in India. But under-reporting is a problem in Singapore too. The CEDAW report highlighted “the persistence of domestic and sexual violence against women here—which it says remains under-reported”.
One big difference is that India seems to see more violent, random rapes in public areas, like Amanat’s. In Singapore, by contrast, familiar people, including friends and relatives, committed some 96.5% of the 202 rapes in 2009.[viii] Full story