OPINION: Unanswered questions in Teo Ho Pin's statement on the deal between PAP Town Councils and PAP-owned $2 dormant company

The Online Citizen, 3 Jan 2013
From public to private – Conflict of interest?
Moreover, there is the conflict of interest in transferring public property developed for the people and presumably with the town councils’ funds which belong to the people, to a private company that reaks of being linked to a political party.
Cost to develop the software?
Also, the question as to how much it cost to develop the software remains unanswered.
Applying this logic of ” The vendor would have to deal with all 14 TCs”, wouldn’t it apply to other contracts and services as well that involve other vendors? Wouldn’t it simply be easier to have the vendor deal with just the town councils’ staff designated to handle this task. After all, they are all using the same system. So, does it make sense to say that the vendor would have to deal with 14 TCs? Full story

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