Unwise for SMRT to venture into big retail project at new Sports Hub: Dr Tan Cheng Bock

Facebook -Tan Cheng Bock,  20 Dec 2012
An unwise move.
Assuring the public that SMRT will put special effort to improve public transport has been negated by SMRT venture into a big retail project at the new Sports Hub.
What is happening?
After a change of CEO in the company, it is obvious that the culture has not changed. Tendering for retail business in this uncertain time? This is a distraction from the core transport business no matter how SMRT tries to justify its decision. All promises and attempts to revamp the bus services with the aid of govt. pumping in over $1 billion to help shoulder higher bus costs, is already seen by the public as helping privatised companies to make more profits.
Has SMRT already done enough to satisfy the public? Bad timing and poor judgement have added insult to injury. Singaporeans know that the decline in maintenance and service was because of diversification from the core transport business, especially into retail. Yet the lesson has not been learnt! Sad. Link

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