Sylvia Lim questions sale of town councils’ computing systems, 28 Dec 2012
In her latest comments, Ms Lim said both "Dr Teo’s and Mr Das’ statements have been calculated to side—step the most critical question of how public interest was served" when the financial systems were sold off to AIM, which could terminate its contract, if there was a "material change" in the composition of a town council.
A "material change" could refer to a change in the management and makeup of the town council, following results of the general election.
In this case, it was the town council being handed over to the Workers’ Party, which won the Aljunied seat from the PAP.
Ms Lim said Singaporeans have the right to know what justification there was for town councils to relinquish ownership and leave the continuity of operations at the "mercy of a third party" — referring to AIM.
Since AIM is fully owned by the PAP, Ms Lim asserted that the PAP—managed town councils saw it "fit to sell away the ownership" of the computing system, which she said are developed with public funds, to a political party. Full story