Polytechnic students do not see eye-to-eye with Lawrence Wong at Singapore Conversation session

The Malaysian Insider, 21 Dec 2012
SINGAPORE, Dec 21 – A more gracious and inclusive society with a slower pace of life, where Singaporeans are happier than they are today and not caught up in the rat race.
This is the Singapore that 185 students from four polytechnics here hope to see in 2030.
In particular, the students hoped for a “stress-free” society, less competition at the workplace and a four-day work week - wishes that are at odds with the increasingly competitive global environment that Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong tried to paint to them.
The participants’ views prompted Wong to explain at length the increasingly competitive global environment that Singapore will find itself in.
Nevertheless, speaking to TODAY afterwards, Wong said he was not worried and he could understand why the youths felt that way.
“They grew up in a certainly more stressful environment, a more competitive environment, and so I think it’s natural that there is that desire for them to want a better work-life balance, to have a better quality of life,” Wong said. Full story