PM Lee lectures India to overcome status quo interests for higher GDP growth

The Times Of India, 25 Dec 2012
We've seen India change dramatically over the last 20 years. The transformation has been incomparable. But you can see so much potential the country could achieve if you could overcome political difficulties and status quo interests. It's not easy as i was discussing with some of your senior leaders. They were telling me the difficulties of getting things through because the things you need in the long term, it's against their interests in the short term politically to support. It's a tremendous effort to do things the Indian government has recently - retail and banking. The PM and finance minister are determined to push through further reforms. But as some of your leaders told me, you need your opposition to support. In the short term, this may not be in their interest. So, you have to keep making a coalition of forces willing to go along - and horse trade. It's the nature of politics, especially in a complicated society like India.
It's a pity you cannot move faster. Whatever you're arguing about, like dislocation, if you can get 1-2% more growth and sustain it for 10-15 years, you will get it back 100 times. Full story