MOM says Function 8's 'illegal strike' accusations are baseless

Yahoo! News Singapore, 17 Dec 2012
The Ministry of Manpower says the accusations by civil society group Function 8 earlier on Monday morning are "entirely baseless".
In a statement released on Monday morning, the group had said the four bus drivers from mainland China being charged in court “were clearly doomed from the start” when acting minister for manpower Tan Chuan-Jin used the term "illegal strike" to describe the mass labour protest of over 180 SMRT bus drivers in the ministry’s first press conference.
“The repeated allegation... that the refusal of the bus drivers to report for work constituted an ‘illegal strike’ gives the impression that what the bus drivers had done was ‘illegal’,” the group wrote. “Since the cases have not been determined by the court, it is grievously wrong and prejudicial to the bus drivers to label their action as an ‘illegal strike’.” Full story

MOM says term "illegal strike" neither wrong nor prejudicial - XIN MSN News