Foreigners help create "good jobs" for Singaporeans: PM Lee Hsien Loong

From an IT consultant earning $5k to a toilet attendant, 23 Dec 2012

According to a report on Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily, Mr Zhong "gave up" a salary as an IT consultant that was four times higher than his current pay package, of about $1,600, as the toilet attendant with Chinese restaurant Hai Di Lao after coming across their hiring advertisements.
Mr Zhong's job scope now entails providing guests with items that they neey such as paper towels and hand creams in oder to make them feel comfortable.
He is not the only Singaporean doing this job now, as a manager with the restaurant revealed to the paper that "The two toilet attendants we have now are both Singaporeans, and are very serious and conscientious in their work". Full story

Comment: Many netizens who have commented in Stomp believe that the local mainstream media is just putting a positive spin to this ex-IT consultant who probably lost his job to some cheaper foreigner, and had to become a toilet attendent to feed his family.